A Message from the Temporary Council for Mark Street United Church

(June 14, 2017)

Hello to the Congregation at Mark Street United Church.

We wanted to take an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We have been appointed as the Temporary Council for Mark Street United Church for the four month period of June until the beginning of October.

Doug Hagan is a lay member of the United Church of Canada from Bridgenorth U.C. Doug brings experience of serving in local ministries and on Presbytery committees in many different capacities.

Bonnie Davidson is a lay member of the United Church of Canada from Norwood U.C. Bonnie is a retired teacher and Lay Worship Leader and has held a variety of different roles within her local congregation as well as the Presbytery and Conference.

Rev. Nancy Wilson is a United Church Minister. Nancy was Ordained in 2002 and has served in PEI, Winnipeg (as Presbytery Minister for Evangelism, Mission and Church Development) and has been the Minister at Keene and Hiawatha United Churches since 2012.

Rev. Bill Peacock is a United Church Minister at Fairview United Church and a Professor at Sir Sandford Fleming College in the Faculty of Social Work. Bill has a depth of experience in a variety of different areas and has the added insight of having worked within different institutional settings (i.e. Church, School, Hospital).

It should be stated that we are not aware of the details of the recent review. Our role, as mandated by the Presbytery, is to take on the role of the Council and focus specifically on receiving reports and recommendations from committees (if any) and to ensure that the functions of ministry (care of property, worship, staffing, finances) are looked after. In addition to our other ministries and commitments this will require much of our attention so we are holding close to that particular mandate.

We have already met with the staff, the current treasurer and a representative from M&P to begin to address any issues about management of the Church. We will be intentional about providing any updates on decisions made to Jill for distribution in your bulletin and whatever other means possible so that communication remains open.

We realize, mind you, the importance of caring for your spiritual health as individuals and as a congregation and are looking for people in the Presbytery to which you may turn to work through your experience of the Review. We will let you know (hopefully next week w/o June 19) the names of those individuals. We are also creating a schedule for Pastoral Care so that you will know which of the United Church ministers in the area you can contact in the event of a pastoral care emergency.

If you wish to contact us, please email us at temporarycouncil@gmail.com

For those without email access, please see Jill (or Natalie) in the Church Office and they will help you get in touch with us.


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