This page collects information relevant to the EDGE initiative.

Further information on the EDGE process of the United Church of Canada can be found here.

The EDGE process intends to use Mark Street’s vision statement of the way we worship, our community outreach programs, and the activities we offer to examine the best use for our buildings and property. In the first milestone we wanted to engage local government, business owners, professionals and other not-for-profit groups in a round table discussion about our community.

The EDGE committee held the community consultation meeting on November 12th. Michael Wright from the EDGE program of the United Church of Canada led the meeting. We had invited approximately 20 groups concerned with community life surrounding our church. We heard from advocates for children’s issues, Presbytery, school representatives, city planning and recreation, city councilors, affordable housing, real estate people, the health unit and housing policy planners. The United Church EDGE process of consulting on property usage was first explained, then Canada Mortgage and Housing gave a statistical report on the immediate neighborhood and the city as compared to provincial and national figures for movement of people, incomes and housing statistics.