Mission and Services

Mission and Service is a vital ministry at our church – with financial support solely through donations from members and friends, we put our faith into action and our love is made known. The Mission & Service Fund supports the ministry and service of The United Church of Canada throughout Canada and around the world, with projects like the “Beads of Hope”, which supports AIDS work.

To raise money for Mission and Service, Mark Street has sponsored a variety of activities, including the “Birthday Bash” celebrated on our church’s anniversary, the third Sunday in January, and the Mardi Gras, held in February. These activities enable our Outreach ministry to provide groceries and space for two “Collective Kitchen” projects monthly.

The Mission and Service Fund enables the United Church of Canada to make global short and long-term commitments.  Individuals and groups may give through their own congregation, or can bequeath a gift directly to the United Church of Canada.