We’re starting something! We have a Parish Nurse!

A short brochure is available here.

What does a Parish Nurse do?

The role of the Parish Nurse is to be an interpreter of the relationship between faith and health, to be a health educator, to be a personal health counselor, to be a referral agent and liaison with congregational and community resources, to be a health advocate and a multiplier of ministers; teacher of volunteers and developer of support groups.

A Parish Nurse is a Registered Nurse with specialized knowledge who is called to ministry and affirmed by a faith community to promote health, healing and wholeness.  The nurse is called by God to this special service. It is a step in one’s faith journey that brings the nurse to parish nursing ministry.

Janice Ross is Mark St’s. Parish Nurse.  Janice has been a member of this congregation for 35 yrs, first coming here as a teenager.  She has been nursing for 25 yrs. and is currently an ICU nurse educator at PRHC.  Janice has also achieved her Masters of Nursing.  As a Parish Nurse Janice has taken three years of part time Parish Nurse Education Courses at Emmanuel College in Toronto as well as doing practical learning in the congregation.