A thought for summer:

Read: I Kings 19:4-9a (Prophet Elijah complains to God )

There he is, fast asleep under a broom tree; the sort of sleep, out at the ragged edge of exhaustion, that would allow a bear – or an angel – to creep up on him and he would not waken.

He is beyond tired. He has carried his load of stress and anxiety a little ways into the desert. We think that we moderns invented anxiety and stress as fashionable problems of modernity. They are not. Neither are they only psychological or emotional.  Stress and anxiety are physical, and spiritual things, and Elijah has them to an overwhelming degree.

A day or so previous, a messenger finds Elijah and says, you have til high noon to get out of Dodge. Evil Queen Jezebel wants you dead. So Elijah’s nerve finally breaks; and he runs as far away, into the wilderness, as he can on his own strength, til he falls down.

He mentions casually to God that if God doesn’t mind, he would really like to die now, because a) if Jezebel catches him, he will, unpleasantly; and b) he just sort of feels like it anyway.

That’s stress. It’s a good clue that he is not perceiving from a balanced and healthy viewpoint.

What happens next? Well, from one point of view, God invites (ok; orders, but Elijah is a prophet; he has to take God’s orders; though the rest of us would also be well advised to follow them…) him to a simple regimen: Sleep more. Eat simply. Walk a lot. Go to your holy place. Talk out your troubles. Then listen, listen in silence til you are silent inside yourself. The word will come.

As summer is a time of renewal, we might work at these simple things as well. And trust God for where we are going; for with faith, in God’s grace, we are always going somewhere.

-Rev. Jim Feairs, Retired Supply Minister.




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