Joyous New Year!

Three strangers arrive where holy love is newly birthed.

Three strangers travel countless miles to behold this incarnation.

Three strangers bow and kneel to an infant; born in a backyard stable,

among straw and animals and shepherds and night.

Three strangers offer gifts for body, soul and being.

Three strangers are overcome.

Three strangers leave; new, restored, awakened and filled.

One child.

One love.

All together

All a part.


What strangers have come to you over this past year?

What have they offered?

Something new?

Something hoped for?

Something challenging?

Something you still don’t quite understand?


Search and uncover the wisdom they brought you.

Seek holy love in their offering.

See where you are being transformed,

because you opened your heart to a stranger.


The deepest and holiest of peace to you all.

Patti.   Email

Ontario Youth Parliament

Do you have a passion for social justice?

An interest in politics?

Are you wondering what young leaders have to say about it?

February 17-20th, Mark Street United Church is hosting the ONTARIO YOUTH PARLIAMENT – See the report at MyKawartha now!!

Upcoming Events

We meet every Sunday for worship at 10.00 a.m. (service time), for approximately one hour.  Our Children’s Christian Education Program is held at the same time; all ages spend the first part of the service together.

The Sunday worship calendar of last week, including review information is here.

This weeks calendar is here.


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